What's LiveBox247?
February 21th, 2019

LiveBox247 provides Cloud based video broadcasting solution for IP cameras
Easiest way to embed live video in your web page!
Generate time-lapse video online!

Main features
HD Video stream support
LiveBox247 can receive and display high resolution video streams leg. Full HD

Audio support
LiveBox247 can also broadcast the audio together with the video

HTTPS support
LiveBox247supports Full HD video resolution for excellent video quality

Unlimited viewers
LiveBox247 can serve as many viewers as you have

RTSP/H.264 support
LiveBox247 supports RTSP video streaming protocol and can handle H.264 video compression

ONVIF support
Using ONVIF protocol it’s easy to find the proper video stream of your camera

Time-lapse video
LiveBox247 can generate Time-lapse video clip(s) from the live video stream

Privacy control
LiveBox247 can blur the motion port of the image in order to make the faces unrecagnizable on the video streams

Stream domain lock
Protects your video stream against embedding on a foreign domain.

Time shift
Delayed live video broadcast in order to be able to interrupt the broadcast in case something happened

Time window
Camera will be online during this time window only

E-mail notification
LiveBox247 notifies you in case your camera cannot be connected


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